The Medjool Date and why you should love them

Without further adieu, let us introduce you to the star of sweetness at our juicery; The Medjool Date.  This succulent sweet fruit originated in the Middle East dating back to 1513 and was once reserved only for royalty and their friends and was often referred to as the “Fruit of Life”  It remains a hugely significant part of the diet and is traditionally  used to break the fast during Ramadan thanks to its naturally occurring sugar.

Fast forward to now and the Medjool date is the current darling of the nutritional world.  Dates are the mainstay treat for most Paleo dieters and provide endless kitchen uses, from binding together power balls, adding depth to homemade almond milk or simply eaten stuffed with raw chocolate.  But they are  much more than just caramel-esque , these bite size beauties boast some pretty intense nutritional properties too.  There are many varieties to choose from, but we stick to the Medjool because if its soft texture and rich flavour.  They are also said to be the most labour intensive to grow and harvest and are the only variety that can be eaten fresh.


Fresh Facts:

  1. Although high in sugar, Medjool dates have a low GI
  2. 28 grams of dates is 19% of your fiber intake for the day
  3. One date contains 15 different minerals including selenium with boosts immunity
  4. Unlike most fruit, dates contain 23 amino acids – the building blocks of life
  5. 18% of your daily copper intake in one date – great for building collagen and absorbing iron
  6. Dates have more potassium than any food on the planet – helping PH balance and regulate blood sugar


How to use them:

There are so many recipes to choose from, and we could get into desserts, caramel like sauces etc.  but  here are a few of our go to picks when we need energy and nutrition in a hurry.

Breakfast/Recovery – Blend 375ml raw almond milk, 1 tsp of cinnamon, 1/2 a frozen banana and 1-2 dates until smooth and drink immediately.  For a post work out version add 1 scoop of your favorite plant based protein.

Snack Time – For a quick mid morning pick me up, stuff one or two dates with 1 tsp of raw almond butter

Lunch/Dinner – Top a dino kale salad with a mixture of chopped dates and hazelnuts for a protein and energy boost.  Best with spiced lemony vinaigrette.





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