Sometimes life get’s busy, let us come to you!

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Thirsty for something Fresh but can`t make it to our shop?  No problem.

We want to make your personal health journey as easy as possible.

For this reason we are offering doorstep delivery.  That’s right, you can

have any of our products delivered right to your home, office or studio.


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Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Call our shop 1-519-265-3571 or email us directly at

How to Place a Delivery Order:

1.  Have a look at the map below to ensure

you are located in our delivery area.

2. Visit our online shop and fill you basket.

3. Choose your delivery date (Tuesday or Friday)

4. Proceed to check out (top right corner).

Please ensure to order by 7am on Monday

for Tuesday delivery and 7am on

Thursday for Friday delivery.

Orders can be cancelled 24 hours before delivery day

Please ensure all address and contact

info is correct.