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Beet, Carrot, Apple, Celery And Lemon

Lung & Liver Cleansing |  Heart Healthy | Antioxidizing

Ditch toxins with this ultra-cleansing blend that tastes as great as it looks. Our raw, organic beets infuse Up Root with betaine, an essential amino acid that cleanses your body of homocysteine, a chemical linked to heart disease. Nitrates promote healthy blood flow and boost endurance, which make this a must-have for your busy lifestyle, while beets’ flavonoids support liver detoxification. You’ll get lots of vitamins A and C for a robust immune system and healthy, glowing skin, and Up Root also comes packed with soluble fiber, which promotes heart health while it stimulates digestion. The perfect blend of earthy, sweet and tart, Up Root will have you craving to get back to your roots!


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