Savoury Greens

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Kale, Romaine, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon & Himalayan Salt

Detoxifying |  Anti-oxidizing |  Skin purifying | Energizing

A cleansing leafy green salad in a bottle. We use over 5 pounds of organic, raw greens and veggies in each serving of Savoury Greens to make each bottle a nutritional powerhouse. Cucumber’s natural silica promotes silky, healthy hair, while our greens offer calcium and vitamin K for bone health. A natural detox agent, celery keeps you hydrated and adds nourishing fiber, while lemon contributes heart-healthy vitamin C and antioxidants. A hint of sea salt adds flavour and replenishes electrolytes, which makes this great after a workout or as part of a cleanse.


All prices include a $1 refundable bottle deposit.  Bottles can be returned to our store or any place of purchase.

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250ml, 500ml


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