Lean Green Cleanse

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Our Lean Green juice cleanse offers thorough detoxification at a cellular level for the serious cleanser. We use more than 20 pounds of leafy greens for each day on the Lean Green cleanse to give you serious results. The powerful 1-2 punch of sweet and savory greens offers a potent dose of chlorophyll, a natural antioxidant that removes toxins (and even freshens your breath), plus essential nutrients that support immune strength, liver function, and skin health. Lemon Zing reduces acidity, alkalizing your body and boosting your metabolism so you’ll look as good as you feel, while almond milk adds nourishing protein and variety to your cleansing plan. Perfect for the experienced cleanser or those looking for advanced results.

Cleansing Plan:

2 x 500ml Morning Greens

2 x 500ml Savoury Greens1 x Lemon-Zing & 1 x Almond Milk

1 x 500ml Lemon-Zing 1 x Almond Milk

1 x 500ml Almond Milk

Refresh Tip:  Add a 250ml charcoal lemon-aid daily to take your detox results to the next level

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