Cleanse FAQ

Thinking about your first cleanse, or need a refresher before your next one? We’ve got you covered.
How often should I cleanse?

We recommend cleansing 3 to 4 times a year, with maintenance juices in between to maintain your results.  Time your cleanses around the changing of the seasons — the natural energy shift that occurs as the seasons change can help your energy increase as you cleanse. In the winter, consider a warm cleanse — a combination of raw juice and fresh vegetable soups.

Are there any side effects?

When you’re just starting your cleanse, you can expect to feel fatigued or experience headaches, especially if this is your first time cleansing or you haven’t cleansed in a while. These symptoms should subside in a few days, as your body clears away toxins and adjusts to your new, healthier diet. You can combat fatigue by supplementing your cleanse with a raw, plant-based meal each day as needed. Always consult your physician before starting a juice cleanse, especially if you have an underlying health condition.

Can I eat during my cleanse?

Yes. Our Eat a Little calls for one raw, plant-based meal per day during your cleanse, and you can also add a daily meal to any a-la-carte cleanse. Select unprocessed foods and healthy sources of fat: for example, a leafy green salad topped with chickpeas and seeds, or a homemade pureed vegetable soup drizzled with cold-pressed flaxseed oil.

How do I prepare for my cleanse?

Transition to a raw, plant-based diet in the week before your cleanse. This preparation primes your body to cleanse properly, and helps reset your taste buds to appreciate the natural complex flavours of fresh fruits and vegetables. You will also receive pre-cleanse instructions from us when you order your cleanse.

Can I work out during my cleanse?

We recommend taking it easy during your cleanse, as your body is already hard at work removing toxins. If you were very active before your cleanse, consider taking active rest days — brisk walk or relaxed yoga class — to maintain your fitness. If you’re just starting your fitness journey, a leisurely stroll or relaxing meditation session at home can help you connect with your body as you cleanse. Always consult your physician before beginning a new fitness routine.

How do I maintain my results?

Sticking to a healthy diet in between cleanses is the best way to stay energized, happy and healthy. Base your diet around organic produce, healthy fats and lean proteins, and supplement with juicing at least 3 times per week. The occasional one-day cleanse can also help you prepare for a special occasion or refresh after a day of indulgence.


Ordering Your Cleanse

Which cleanses do you offer?

We offer three cleansing plans to suit every level and lifestyle:


You can customize each plan by choosing the length of your cleanse. Many customers choose cleanses lasting from 1 to 5 days, though you may choose a longer cleanse for stronger results. Note: Juice cleanses longer than 3 days are shipped in multiple deliveries to ensure optimal freshness.

Find out  more about our cleansing packages here.

Can I design my own cleanse or order individual juices?

Of course! Email us to work out a completely personalized plan. Note: Home delivery cleanse orders must be received by 7 AM on Monday or Thursday for deliveries on Tuesday or Friday, respectively.

How far in advance to I need to order?

All orders must be received by 7 AM on Monday or Thursday for deliveries on Tuesday or Friday, respectively. Of course, we can also book farther in advance.  Or feel free to come into the store and pick a cleanse out from the cooler.

Ready to start your cleanse? Click here to see the packages available. If you have any other questions, please contact us — we’re happy to help!