Our Values


At [RE]Fresh, our goal is simple — make life a little happier and healthier for our customers, our community, and the planet.         
Here’s how we do that.
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Simple, healthy food

Our commitment to your health is at the heart of our business. We design our juices and cleanses to meet your nutritional needs, so you feel nourished and cleansed. We use cold-pressed juicing methods to retain our ingredients’ natural health benefits and always package our juices in glass bottles to keep nasty toxins out of your juice.

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Fresh, great taste

We want staying healthy to taste as good as it feels. So we juice each of our ingredients at their peak of freshness to let their natural flavours shine through. We prepare and deliver multiple batches each week, so you’re always getting truly fresh pressed juice. Our juices are not exposed to HPP (pasteurizing with pressure) so when we say fresh, we mean fresh.


Green Living & Sustainability

We care about the planet’s health as much as we care about yours. That’s why we juice with 100% organic, non GMO produce free of the pesticides and herbicides used in traditional farming. We also package our juices in returnable glass bottles to cut down on waste and reduce our ecological footprint.


A tight-knit community

Community is key to fresh, simple eating, and want you to know where your food comes from. We base each of our juice blends on locally-sourced produce, source local ingredients as often as possible and value our relationships with local farmers.