3 Day Juice Cleanse using [RE]Fresh Juice products in Guelph Ontario

A Juice Cleanse Diary – 3 days to feeling well

Even though I’ve been a fan of juicing for years — and a regular customer at [RE]Fresh since they opened last summer — I’d never buckled down and tried a real cleanse.

As a nutrition and health writer, I’m thinking about food all the time, so not eating for 3 days felt pretty challenging. But my eating habits had been sliding since the new year, and I thought a cleanse might be just what I needed to get back on track.

I challenged myself to try the [RE]Fresher, which is 5 juices and 1 almond milk each day. Because my goal was to get rid of unhealthy cravings, I wanted a clean break from food for a couple days.

Day 1: Getting Into the Groove

Amazing how just planning to do something healthy gives you more energy, right? On the first day of my cleanse I got up 30 minutes early and eagerly went for my first juice of the day, Savoury Greens.

I planned out my juices to get the most variety possible, alternating Sweet or Savoury Greens with root-based juices (Eye Opener, Uproot) throughout the day. I saved Lemon Zing and Almond Milk for last, since I knew I’d be hungriest at dinner. Which was a good thing, because I was ravenous by the time the sun set, and I really needed the double dose of juice.

Knowing this was probably one of the harder parts of the cleanse, I challenged myself to some calming meditation. My goal for this cleanse was to increase awareness of my body so I would not succumb to cravings, so a little meditation could do nothing but help.

I found this video which offered enough guidance for my (very) short attention span, and helped me get a good night’s sleep.

Day 2: Finding Inner Balance

I’ll be honest, this was the toughest part of the cleanse. I woke up hungry and forced myself to work through stomach pangs that hung around through lunch. My temptation to “cheat” and grab a meal hit its peak around lunchtime, when I got a headache from the hunger. I decided to drink some hot water with lemon and a slice of fresh ginger, and drank my Almond Milk early to push through.

By this evening, I was feeling a lot better. After coming in from a walk, I grabbed an Eye Opener and sipped quietly, letting the ginger warm me from the inside out. Since meals are usually something I fit in between work and errands, it was nice to take a moment and think about what I was putting in my body.

Tonight, I decided to go for a longer meditation practice using this video.

Day 3: Hitting my Stride

So, this was the day I officially got “addicted” to cleansing. I woke up early with lots of energy, and never felt weighed down with hunger pangs or my typical midday energy drain. I also often get headaches mid-afternoon, especially if I start work before 6 AM, but that didn’t happen today. I found myself looking forward to my next juice because I knew it would taste great, but not driven by hunger or discomfort. I also notice a difference in my skin — it’s brighter, smoother and seems to have more of a natural glow.

This evening, I sipped my last Lemon Zing and Almond Milk of the cleanse and reflected on my progress. Most of all, I was thinking “huh, I could totally do 3 more days of this.”

My Cleansing Results

Over the last 3 days, I’ve noticed some big changes in my energy and cravings, and I feel like the cleanse helped me meet my goal of getting my diet back on track.

Here’s what I noticed:
I’m craving veggies non-stop: Each day on the cleanse has 25+ pounds of produce in it, and I find myself wanting to add vegetables to EVERYTHING. Since finishing the cleanse I’ve been drinking tons of green smoothies and trying to get a balance of 70% greens/30% fruit in each one
I’m more clued into my hunger cues: Because I’m tempted to load up every meal with veggies, I don’t find myself craving snacks between meals that I know I don’t really need. I’m also not craving junk food.
I have more energy: Taking a few minutes at the end of each day to unwind not only helped me power through tough parts of the cleanse, it improved my sleep quality. I find myself waking up with more energy and getting to sleep more easily.
I look healthier: The combo of loads of nutrition, lots of water and better sleep has been really great for my skin. I look happier, more alert and energized — because I am!

Overall, I’m really happy with my results. I only wish I had ordered a 5-day cleanse to see what results I’d see — I’ll have to try that this fall!

Sylvie Tremblay is a freelance writer based in Guelph, Ontario. She specializes in copywriting, journalism and blogging about food, nutrition, natural health and wellness.

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